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sweet and sour sauce in a pot

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Cowbridge Kitchen

Sweet and Sour has to be the iconic Chinese Takeaway sauce of all time.

Sweet and Sour sauce is a delicate blend of pineapple juice, ketchup and sugar to create an authentic oriental dipping sauce. You can make this Sweet and Sour taste any way you like, a little more Sour or a little more Sweet by adding a bit more sugar and Ketchup.

I use this sauce for my Crispy Chicken Balls in batter or as a dip for Spring Rolls, prawn Crackers and even Chips.

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This recipe takes about 15 minutes to make
5 mins Prep time
10 mins Cooking time
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This is based on 1 tablespoon

Calories: 25
Protein: 0g
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Carbohydrates: 6.1g
Fiber: 0g
Sugar: 3g
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This recipe will serve 6 people Table for Two Servings
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Anybody can have a go at this recipe.
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This is the perfect Chinese sauce, great with Chicken Balls.

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    How to Make Sweet and Sour Sauce

    Sweet and sour is a generic term for many styles of sauce, cuisine and cooking methods. It is commonly used in East Asia and Southeast Asia, and has been used in England since the Middle Ages.

    Sweet and Sour sauce is a typical Chinese takeaway sauce that is often used for sweet and sour chicken or sweet and sour pork dishes.

    It is often used as a dipping sauce for Chinese Crispy Chicken Balls.

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    4 tablespoons of pineapple juice (60 ml)
    4 tablespoon white wine vinegar (60 ml)
    40 g Soft brown Sugar
    8 tablespoons of ketchup (120 ml)
    4 tablespoon of light soy sauce (60ml)
    2 teaspoons cornflour
    Splash of water

    Cooking Instructions

    1. In a small pan add together the Pineapple juice , Vinegar , Sugar , Ketchup and Soy Sauce.
    2. Mix together and bring to the boil.
    3. Mix the cornflour with some water to form a thin paste.
    4. When the ingredients are simmering , add the cornflour mix a little at a time mixing continually until the mixture is at the right consistency.
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    Chefs Tips

    You could substitute half of the Soy Sauce for a shot of Bourbon (Jack Daniels), make this an Adult Sweet & Sour Sauce.