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All of the items in this section are used in our recipes, so if you are looking for the equipment that I have used you will find it here.

Pasta Machine This pasta rolling machine is essential if you want to make your own pasta sheets, tagliatelle or even spaghetti
Griddle Pan A griddle pan is perfect for cooking Steak, just the way you like it.
Meat Mincer This meat mincer doubles up as a Sausage filling machine.
Burger Press If you want the perfect burger use this Burger Press.
Pie Dish This is a tin pie dish, that I have used in a few recipes. It is a perfect size for a pie.
Sausage Skins I use these skins for all of my sausage recipes, they are cheap and not chewy when cooked.
Dutch Oven I use an Orange version of this product in a few of my recipes, these are great pots.