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Beef stew and dumplings

Beef Stew & Dumplings

Cowbridge Kitchen

This Beef Stew recipe is warm and comforting on a winters day. Slow cooked tender beef in a rich beef gravy is just the thing to keep you warm. Throw in a few dumplings and serve with some homemade crusty bread.

We have used vegetables straight from our garden in this Beef Stew, nothing like fresh carrots (They are so sweet) and this recipe comes straight from my childhood, I remember my mum making Stew & Dumplings when I was a boy.

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You can make this stew in about 3 hours
30 mins Prep.
2hr 20 Cooking.
Cooking timer Time
This is per 252g serving
1 cup
Calories: 268
Protein: 29g
Fat: 8.1g
Carbohydrates: 21g
Fiber: 3.3g
Sugar: 5.6g
Nutritional information Nutrition
This stew should give you between 4 & 6 portions. Table for Two Servings
Medium : Some degree of experience is needed to make this recipe. Chefs hat Difficulty
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The cost of this recipe is rather high, but you can buy a stew pack of vegetables instead of buying them individually, this will reduce the cost.

The Dumplings can be optional as well, if you want to decrease the cost.

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Cost to make:
£8.71/ $11.03(Est.)

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    How to Make Beef Stew
    & Dumplings

    I remember having Beef Stew and Dumplings as a child for a special winter treat. My mum would always make plenty of Beef Stew using up leftover vegetables. The suet dumplings were really a special treat.

    In this recipe for Beef Stew I have tried to stay true to the recipe I remember, you can even use left over vegetables if you like.

    This stew is warm and comforting on a cold winters day, the perfect winter warmer.

    For something a little different, Why not try this stew with some mashed potato.

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    For the Dumplings
    100 g Self Raising Flour
    50 g of Suet
    1 Pinch of Salt
    75 - 90 ml of Cold Water

    For the Stew
    500 g Diced Beef
    1 Onion (Diced)
    1 Leek (Sliced)
    80 g Butter
    80 Plain Flour
    250 g Diced Carrots
    250 g Diced Swede
    200 g Diced New Potatoes
    200 ml Red Wine
    1 Litre or Beef Stock
    30 ml Olive Oil
    1/2 teaspoon of Black pepper for Seasoning.

    Cooking Instructions

      For the Stew
      Leave the diced beef out at room temperature for 30 minutes.

    1. You will need a good quality Cast Iron Casserole Dish (Flame Proof) for this | Or you can do it in a large pan, but I prefer a good old Casserole Dish.
    2. Heat the butter for a minute then cook the Onion & Leek in the butter until soft.
    3. Cook the Diced Beef in the same pot. Coat the beef with the flour , cover and simmer until the beef is no longer pink (About 10 Minutes)
    4. Meanwhile Bring the carrots , swede and potatoes to a boil in a pan of water , then simmer for 20 minutes.
    5. Drain the water from the vegetables then add the vegetables to the Beef once the beef is no longer pink.
    6. Using 3 Beef Stock Cubes make up 1 litre of stock.
    7. Add Red Wine the Beef Stock to the pot and mix with a wooden spoon.
    8. Cover and put the Casserole Dish in a preheated oven at 150 c for 2 hour.
    9. Once the stew has been cooking for 2 hours it is time to drop your dumplings into the pot as well.
    10. Cook in the oven for another 20 minutes so that the dumplings are risen and fluffy.

    11. You can put this in a slow cooker on warm and keep over night | It will taste glorious the following day.

      For the Dumplings
    12. Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl.
    13. Add the Suet and the Salt.
    14. Mix in the Water with a fork until you have a soft dough.
    15. Turn out onto a board and knead for a few mins.
    16. Divide into 8 and roll into small balls.
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    Chefs Tips

    Once the Stew is cooked you can keep it hot in a Slow-Cooker overnight, it will taste glorious the following day.

    By adding Parsnips it will make the stew much sweeter Add + πŸ’¬
    Using different oils will add a slightly different flavour to the stew. Extra virgin olive oil adds a very distinctive taste to this recipe. Olive Oil πŸ’¬
    Vegetable Oil
    Rapeseed Oil
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    You can use Vegetable Suet if you want to make this a vegetarian stew. You will need to leave the Beef out as well. Suet πŸ’¬
    Vegetable Suet