Cooking with an Air-Fryer

The energy saving benefits of cooking in an Air Fryer could save you a substantial amount on your electricity costs because Air Fryers cook your food much faster than a conventional oven with circulating high temperatures and little or no pre-heating required.

As well as being very energy efficient, Air Fryers are also a healthy cooking option as they cook most foods with no oil or fat so you get a much healthier meal.

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Cheapest Way To Cook Air-Fryer vs Oven

With the cost of living and energy prices going up we are all on the lookout for cheaper alternatives when it comes to cooking. So here I am going to take a look at Air Fryer v Conventional Oven and I think you will be suprised at the results.

When cooking in a conventional oven you almost always have to heat it up first and this can take anything upto 30 minutes, with an Air fryer this takes around 3 to 5 minutes.

Cooking times in an Air Fryer are pretty much always halved or less so a 30 minute cook in the oven can take as little as 15 minutes in an Air Fryer.

So the results are clear to see, Air frying takes less time, costs less and are helthier.

Air Fryer:
Temp : 200c
Time: 15 min
Cost : 20p

Oven :
Temp : 200c
Time: 30 min
Cost : 45p

As you can see, the Air Fryer saves Time & Money. Anything from £10 a month to £20 a month could be saved off your energy bill.